The second tv ad released created by ad agency DM9 JaymeSyfu for the Department of Tourism which invites people to specific fiestas (festivals) celebrated in the different parts of the archipelago.

"Semana Santa" is Lenten Season as called in the Philippines. This ad invites all Filipinos to remember the passion of Christ as the Lenten season has come. Filipinos all over the country remember Christ's suffering, death, and resurrection through "penitensha" (penance... some filipinos whip their own backs--ala scourging at the pillar--while walking barefoot throughout the whole community to ask for penance for their sins), "senakulo" (reenactment of the passion of Christ), "pabasa/pasyon" (dramatic reading of the story of Jesus), "visita iglesia" (church-hopping), etc.

Visit the Philippines to experience our religious traditions.

Creative Directors: Merlee Jayme, Jerry Hizon
Copy Writer: EJ Galang / Art Director : Diane Taar
Production House: Unitel
Animation: Goriotik

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