Travelprogram for Dutch TV-station Veronica. Hosts Saar Koningsberger and Sebastiaan Labrie follow 83 Dutch teams that will drive 16.000 kilometer in their Volvo classic cars through six different countries: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. On the backseat of the cars Saar and Sebas will travel, enjoy and face the hard work of these teams to get their cars from start - in Buenos Aires - to finish - in Cartagena - in one piece.

Hosts: Saar Koningsberger & Sebastiaan Labrie
Director/Video editor: Remon Rijper
Editor in chief: Nienke Groen
Producer: Isja Mak
Camera: Dennis Mulder, Wouter Revier & Jeroen van Zuilen
Graphics: Contijn Wijnveldt

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