Fish being fished in waters being warmed:
Revealing climate-driven changes in the productivity of marine fish species
Myron A. Peck, Institute of Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science, Center for Marine and Climate Research, University of Hamburg

Notable, climate-driven changes have occurred world-wide in the abundance and distribution of heavily exploited populations/stocks of marine fish species. The coupling of long-term, retrospective analyses and novel, biophysical individual-based modelling (IBMs) shows great potential to reveal a “cause and effect” understanding of observed changes in key species. Case studies of climate-driven fluctuations will be discussed for some of the most ecologically- and commercially-important pelagic and demersal marine fishes including anchovy, sardine, herring and cod. The productivity and structure of food webs in many marine ecosystems have been (irreversibly?) altered by fishing pressure, a factor that must be taken into account if we hope to understand climate’s current and future role. A second focus of the talk will be on IBMs, cutting edge tools that allow us to amalgamate organismal-level physiology and ocean physics to better understand climate impacts. Opportunities and challenges are discussed regarding the ability of current tools to provide both practical management advice as well as to project future changes in marine fish species.

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