This film won best Documentary short at the Denver Underground Film Festival in 2011.

This album/performance was based entirely on the dreams recorded by Zosimos of Panopolis in or around the year 300AD. It depicts subjects related to Alchemy in a particularly interesting light. Including what Carl Jung referred to as the first concept of the homunculus in alchemical literature.

Like other works of Shadowcaster the performance associated to this was recorded as a short film and only performed once. Presented at the Denver Underground Film Festival in 2011 it received the award for "BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM".

The performance included the insertion of hooks into a collaborator and his rope suspension from a semi-temporary structure which had to be designed and built inside of the building the performance was held in.

Fire, sigils, interactive multimedia, strobes and a woman painted entirely bronze were all used to further convey the symbolism.

Ultimately the entire performance was a part of the first illegal ritual in the United States since the banning of the Ghost Dance in the 1800's. The Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba hosted a "death curse" on the Monsanto corporation afterwards which violated the Food Libel Law as the second act of this enigmatic show. Thus, all performers involved faced the threat of felony for performing or speaking against genetically modified foods in one of 12 states which use this law to deter from such events.

Featuring the talents of Wolfgang Wilmhoff as ritualist and piercings by William Settle. Special thanks to Jeanelle Mastema, Nicole Alton, Kevin Foy, Ink Kinsington and the Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba for their help and friendship. Produced in collaboration with Weltmuzik and Disconnect Media.

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