Client: Participant Productions
Title: An Inconvenient Truth
Director: Mark Guggenheim
Production Company: Buck
Roles: Design, Animation

There was this guy, Al Gore, and someone wanted to make a documentary about him giving a Keynote presentation about global warming. Then they won two Oscars.

Unfortunately, Mr. Gore’s original presentation wasn’t ready for primetime. So we came in, redesigned all of his slides and videos, and gave them a sleek and cohesive look. Of all the debate and controversy* this film has sparked, you’ll notice is that no one disputes the visual quality of his presentation.

*Many people have strong and differing opinions about global warming. We remain neutral, for we encourage vigorous intellectual debate. However when it comes to our environment we agree with Woodsy the Owl’s immortal words, “Give a hoot. Don’t pollute.”.

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