Happy Monster presents
Keith and Aimi's Memorial Video "A Life Together"
2012 in Shimoda Japan.
Directer Shunji Ueda & Asuka Ueda

Shun and Asuka decided to make a Memorial Video for Aimi and Keith. Using Shun's professional camera and web skills and with the assistance of Asuka for the second camera, they have captured Keith and Aimi in natural warm life settings.

Shun's target was to make this video as a tribute to the wonderful life that Aimi and Keith have shared up to now. The scenes were truly natural at the beach due to Keith, Aimi and their dog Momo walking down there almost everyday when in Shimoda.

The house scenes were done in a way to show their daily life together. Keith and Aimi have always enjoyed eating dinner together and then maybe watching a bit of TV. The important thing as a "Memorial Video" was to make the scenes reflect Keith and Aimi's true live together.

The inclusion of their dog in many scenes and the kitchen scenes shows their real life and real day-to-day lifestyles. Should Keith not make it through his cancer battle, Aimi will be able to look back on the Video to happier days and remember the love and warmth they shared together.

This has been made possible because of Shun and Asuka's love and Kindness

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