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We distribute content to TV channels, internet platforms and online video rental outlets worldwide interested in developing their viewers' loyalty and surprising them every day.

We are viewers. We are journalists and professionals of the audiovisual sector. We want to show the work that excites us, that makes us think and feel, to a wide audience. We only sell what we believe in and we enjoy an activity in which we put all our effort and passion.

We are international distributors and producers who support unique films and documentaries. We commit ourselves to our filmmakers and to the channels and platforms that buy their creations. We have experience on both sides and thus know what each part demands.

Like the directors who believe in us, we ask ourselves questions and search for answers that are supposed to appear on each and every screen. We care about content. About stories and how they are told. We believe in the audiovisual as a language without borders. Transmedial narrative as a multiple platform to combine artistic expressions and to gain new audiences who are willing to interact. We search talent and sensitivity without taking our feet off the ground.

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