Jacenta is a mother and farmer from Nongtraw village, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, India. She is an active member of the women's development committee, and believes that even though the youth have been educated into jobs outside of the village, in case of disaster they should learn the traditional knowledge and skills of agriculture.

She answers the question 'What is your Vision of a Sustainable World?', for the Brave Collaboration, initiated by UKCDS. Filmed in North-eastern India by a team of indigenous youth from the East Khasi Hills.

Small parts of the interviews were made into short film to be shown at the Planet Under Pressure conference, as part of a session run by members of the Brave Collaboration, to encourage radical visioning of a sustainable world, by bringing together science, art, industry and NGO worlds. Watch 'Visions of a Sustainable World': vimeo.com/39505748

Responses to the film were recorded at the conference to be sent to all those who gave their interview for the film and the local filmmakers and their communities, to feedback some of the impact their voices made.

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