This presentation was given at the 2012 Healthcare Experience Design Conference:
The slideshare presentation is also available:

The patient of the past is not the patient of the future.

Mayo Clinic is currently engaged with the Center for Innovation in a multi-year initiative to redesign their outpatient practice, a necessary step for any large healthcare provider who hopes to be relevant and financially aligned with the future. The organizational and operational design of the current clinic has been influenced by the patient of the past and their medical needs. From our exploration, we hypothesize that today’s patient is significantly different from the patient of the past and new care models should better support the needs, goals, motivations, and emotions of these new patients. Additionally, we believe that the patient of today will continue to change, allowing us to consider a new paradigm of flexible, evolving care models that continue to adapt to the changing needs of patients.

The goal of this presentation will be to share how the current patient and patient of the future differs from the patient of the past and tie these findings to the on-going design explorations being conducted at Mayo Clinic.

Meredith DeZutter is a Senior Service Designer at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation. Her work focuses on designing new healthcare services, products, and experiences across the clinic by understanding the intersection and connections between existing systems with disruptive landscape drivers.

In addition to her work at Mayo Clinic, Meredith has over 15 years of global consulting experience in identifying and developing innovative design solutions for both products and systems. Meredith has led design research and strategy efforts for project teams for organizations such as Kent Hospital, Becton Dickinson, Herman Miller for Healthcare, and Thoratec Corporation, among others. Additionally, she has delivered lectures and papers on new ideas and methodologies in design research and strategy to corporations, professional societies, and exhibitions.

Meredith has a BFA in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to working at Mayo Clinic, she was the Director of Research at Ximedica as well as the Director of Design Strategy at Insight, both design consultancies focused on healthcare service design and medical products.

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