directed by Trevor Pennsylvania & Kangbucket
edited by Kangbucket & Noah Poole (2011)
with Tiana Femano as Samantha

(NOTE: Several odd versions of this video are currently floating around; the less digitally enhanced, original version can be found by searching the you tubes as well...)

"Human Adult Band has been a creative vehicle for Trevor Pennsylvania since October 2002 and has featured a revolving door of members from experimental, rock and noise acts, Buckets and Batteries, Gorgot and Magnet City Kids. The Adult Band formed in New Brunswick, NJ as a two piece with members, Digget on drums and Trevor P.A. on bass and vocals. Drummer, Digget was quickly replaced by Blaine and the band began to include additional members to fill out the sound. The new additions included, at times, Michael Dooling on percussion, Jake Annodide on modified guitars and circuit bent keyboards and Mike Hayden on additional keyboards and mixing board. Drummer, Chaz Wetlands, replaced Blaine on drums for a couple of gigs and an east coast tour. After a year of gigging and touring, the band moved to Philadelphia and Trevor P.A. stayed in New Brunswick. At this time the band's Wantnaut/Wastenaut demo, featuring live tracks and home-studio tracks, was released. Soon after the release, Wantnaut/Wastenaut reached the top 40 at NYC's Free103point9, a terribly hip noise and experimental music radio station. Blaine rejoined the Adult Band to work on new material. Shortly after Trevor P.A. decided to regroup the Adult Band in New Brunswick with new members, Mike McCoskey on guitar, Dana on tambourine, Andrei on feedback mixer and microphone and King Darves on drums, the later two from the New Brunswick noise band, Gorgot. The Adult Band can currently be found playing basement shows, loft parties and the Easton Ave. fast food circuit in New Brunswick, NJ . The band has been self releasing limited run live mix cassettes and cds hailed by online blogs such as Thurston Moore & Byron Coley's Bull Tongue, Blastitude, Animal PSI and Smooth Assailing. These releases are exclusively available on their own dihd and bone tooth horn labels."

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