Instinct and Culture is a picture that I painted in 1987. It has only been exhibited in the Beatrice Bardeau Gallery of Marbella. And has not been viewed in all this time. I do a voice over saying: "The ceremony that I perform with the burning of this picture is an act of psychomagic to purify an entire personal process over 20 years that has transformed my works just as I have been transformed. The documentation of this action is the record of the memory of an object that stopped being made. All in order to become digital. all that remains is the track of its ashes mixed with the very space of the Nature that embraces it." Action performed in 2006.

The burning ceremony of this picture in oil represents, on the one hand, an act of psychomagic and healing of all the circumstances that prevented many of my works from being exhibited at their moments and to transmit the message for which I created them.

On the other hand, I also have transformed a pictorial work into a video-performance. (The energy is not created nor destroyed, only transformed). The picture no longer physically exists, only the documentation of its destruction.

In reality, the date of this "action" would be 1987-2006.

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