From 'Charge Group' LP (Microphone & Loudspeaker, 2012)

Director - Al Morrow
Camera - Al Morrow, Tamara Lowe, Trent O'Donnell, Willa Roberts, Nelson Alves
Producer/Edit - Microphone & Loudspeaker
Designer - Jack Warren
Post - The Gingerbread Man
Esteemed NYC cameo personnel - Wandjina Glasheen-Brown, Joey Truman, Jack Warren, Willa Roberts, Gandalf Gavan, Nicola Lopez, Jason Rogenes
Esteemed Sydney cameo personnel - Anna Sokol, Jack Warren, Melinda Holcombe, Alexandra Schepisi, Bec Noonan, Liam Nesbitt, Claire Collins, Nelson Alves, Ronan Sharkey, Anna Kerrison
Neon noose courtesy of the rather talented Tom Fruin

Huge thanks to Al, Trent, Greta Jackson, Wange, Jack, Gabe Clark and Craig Deeker.

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