I'm still annoyed that Ric went after people for doing his dance "wrong". So I made this video to express my displeasure. The "Electric Slide" dance is copywritten, and the creator went on a crusade a year ago, abusing the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act" in the process. He claimed people were infringing on his copyright, but a little research turned up otherwise. So I'm calling Ric to the carpet on a few other claims as well.

In the video I make some claims, and here are my reference material, all available on the web to the public.

Ric Silver Livejournal : nycsdancer.livejournal.com/ He used this to attack other LJ people who commented about "his dance".
Electric Slide & legal trophy case / website : the-electricslidedance.com/
Oprah Show "contract" / the-electricslidedance.com/id6.html
Ric's claim to have invented break dancing and it's various moves / the-electricslide.com/id6.html He claims to have done this between 1968 and 1972. He also claims a line dance in 1984, almost a decade before it was popular.
Ric's resume / the-electricslidedance.com/id8.html

C-Net article explaining why he made a crackdown / news.cnet.com/2100-1030_3-6156021.html

"But on the YouTube page Silver himself posted showing the Electric Slide, he wrote, "Any video that shows my choreography being done incorrectly is being removed. I don't want future generations having to learn it wrong and then relearn it as I am being faced with now because of certain sites and (people) that have been teaching it incorrectly and without my permission. That's the reason I (copyrighted) it in the first place.""

EFF page announcing the Creative Commons agreement / eff.org/cases/electric-slide-litigation

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