TEDxThessaloniki theme: 'The courage to create'

Director's Notes:
Greece has been involved in a deep recession during the past 3 years. Consequently Greek citizens have felt forces that inhibit their creative resources, their will to innovate.
The promo for TEDxThessaloniki attempts to depict the sense and feeling of suffocation, anguish the crisis has inflicted upon people as well as the ingenuity to transform obstacles into tools of creation.

Concept, Direction, Post Production: Hellokinetik
Mysterious Man: B-Boy Revo
Director of Photography: Dimitris Stambolis
Set Designer: Yiannis Katranitsas
Grip1: Nikos Pappas
Grip2: Nasos Kougias

Shouts out to Block33 and Giorgos Georgiadis for his invaluable help throughout.

Track: Ghosts Love Them Redux - Darius Holbert
(used with permission)

Darius Holbert has scored a gaggle of international features and countless shorts. He has been fortunate enough to work with such film and tv luminaries as Robin Williams, Kevin Spacey, Bobcat Goldthwait, JJ Abrams, and many more. He has had a number of award-winning films at Sundance, Tribeca, LA Film Fest, and other festivals. His work has been in hit tv shows like Lost, Grey's Anatomy, and Crash, and in numerous commercials and industrials.

more info on TEDxThessaloniki: tedxthessaloniki.com

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