Mercedes, minutes before her father's death finds out she has a sister called Pilar. She doesn't know her and has to go find her before the funeral.

Cast: Natalia Morlacci, María Lía Bagnoli

Script and Direction: Lucas Santa Ana
Script collaboration: Lía Bagnoli y Natalia Morlacci
Production Lucas Santa Ana
Cinematography: Mon Ross
Camera: Mon Ross, Ignacio López Escrivá
Gaffer: Eloísa Yankelevich
Production Designer: Mariana Petrini
Editing: Marcela Truglio
Direct Sound: Fernando Lamata, José Aréchaga
Sound Post Production: Mariano Fernández
Original Music: Diego Setton
Assistant Director: Yanina Saccani

Distributor: Hasta30minutos
Contact: Luciana Abad (

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