A Sick Zine presents 'The making of A Sick Zine 4: Haute Cultuur'

A Sick Zine is a completely handmade magazine filled with absurd humour. Weird black/white collages provide the magazine’s images and all the text is written on a typewriter. Every page tells it's own absurd story. Consider the magazine a bundle of weird stories.

This video shows the proces of making 'A Sick Zine 4: Haute Cultuur'. Starting by finding the right images to make collages, to manually wrap the magazine in plastic.

A Sick Zine 4 is currently sold out, but on May 11, 2012 the next issue 'DE MEGAZINE' will be released.

Music by: The Black Keys - Midnight In Her Eyes

For more information check: sickzine.nl

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