This was a collaborative project I made for my final film in my experimental cinema course at WITS university this year.

Inspired by the writing of Peter Greenaway, as well as his film: The Pillowbook, which was analysed in class this semester. The concept was originally mine whilst brainstorming with my girlfriend Jess, but Taryn really brought it to life with her experience in editing and her ability to keep me from trashing the entire concept halfway through!

The concept behind is the cutting up of the screen and the aspect ratio, making a movie feel more like a comic. I thin we could have done more to show several situations running simultaneously, but time was short in edit. Another factor was the "Anti Hollywood" ending, tragedy is all too rare thee days!

Characters were animated on a green screen and then imposed on the footage.

Song credits are:
"Crave" by The Butterfly Effect
"Intro" by The Butterfly Effect
"Sotto Vento" by Ludovico Einaudi
"Transantlaticism" by Death Cab for Cutie


Edited in Final Cut Pro, Animation in After Effects, Screen effects in After Effects.

Taryn Calvery
Editing and Sound Design

Tim Jardim
Animation and Camera

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