In July 1886, D. L. Moody gathered college students for a month-long Bible conference. At the end of the conference, 100 people had pledged their lives to missions and two years later, those students formed the Student Volunteer Movement – an organization that has literally changed America and the world. In all of history, no other movement has been so influential – training and serving millions of people around the globe through the hundreds of universities, thousands of colleges, tens of thousands of hospitals and hundreds of thousands of churches they formed.

All of that from simply gathering together to seek God and giving Him the space to speak.

It’s time to do it again!

Housing is available for free on the floor of the Arvada Hub, where the conference is being held (no showers are available on site, but the YMCA isn't far away where you can pay to shower, or we'll provide some hoses in the back to hose off!). If you plan on using the free housing, please sign up for "The Primitive Package" so we can make sure we have space to accommodate you!

We look forward to seeing you, July 19th-21st!

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