In this demo we are looking at the DitoGear DragonBridge, an 8 Axis interface for DragonFrame by DZED. This break out box allows you to connect any of ditogears products (omnislider, omnihead, lensdrives, etc) and control them via software. DragonFrame is extremely intuitive and very fast to work with.

Though DragonFrame is made with Stop motion in mind it also has a built in timelapse mode allowing for Timelapse shooters to create complex motion control moves with keyframes. It is very easy to visualize and preview exactly what your shot will be.

DitoGear products have a huge advantage in there open nature to work with other systems. You will not be locked into using only one software package. DitoGear is all about integration into various systems, I believe DragonFrame will be the first of those and we can expect to see some other amazing integrated system very soon.

I hope you enjoy the video and would love to answer any questions or just chat this week at the DitoGear InMotion event at NAB 2012, If you happen to be going and can spare a few minutes please stop in and say hello!

For more information on the DragonBridge please check out this link

You can download your free trial of DragonFrame at the link below and start experimenting!

thanks for watching

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