Guess what! This really is just test footage. Yep! BORING. Test. Footage. It's not had any time spent on it, it's not what I'd really want to do to test the camera. This was just the second day after I picked up the camera and I didn't want to part with it, so I took it with us on our walk up to the top of Runyon Canyon!

It has no story. It has nothing interesting about it. It was just me screwing around with it because I'd not shot with an Epic before :)

I used my Canon 24-105mm IS lens. Updated firmware on the Epic, so it's RedGamma3 and RedColor3. I then exported out to ProRes and edited in Final Cut X, and did basic color balance in that (whatever was default). It looked fine and that was good enough for me.

It was shot all handheld, no tripod, nothing. Just me holding the camera. The whole thing was using just 1 Redvolt, I had a spare in my pocket but never used it. Just what was going on around me on top of the hill. No lights, nothing planned. Just whatever!

We have another 'test' planned which will have a story.

But again, this was just a test. I was testing. To see if the thing actually worked.

And it did!

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