Michael Kinnett breaks with tradition in many ways and when you first meet him you'll immediately think that he is part Rock Star and part stand up comedian, but after you spend about two minutes talking to him you’ll find that he has developed a specialized water presentation that enables him to enhance the technical understanding experience for every client interested in improving their health.

Michael is very conversant with the chemistry of Kangen™ water and the beneficial effects it has had with various conditions of clients around the world. With his specialized background he converts complex biological systems of the human body, into plain English to explain the performance of the Kangen™ water medical device to groups of every type.

As an outspoken advocate of this wonderfully disruptive Japanese technology and how well it works, Michael is out sharing the story of the internal battle for good health between Acid vs. Alkaline pH inside the body. “What a remarkable difference that understanding will make in your life”

"Change your Water, Change your Life" is our mission statement!

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