Flourish is a pop-rock family band on a quest to entertain youth and families through positive high-energy rock music. The most recent adventure for the Flourish Family Band was being signed to a management deal with award wining producer Andrew Lane. Andrew has received international acclaim as a producer and music executive with strong ties to Disney/Universal, Warner Music Group, EMI and Sony/BMG among many others.

As a multi-platinum and Billboard Award winning producer, Andrew has proven himself to have the “midas touch” when it comes to the music business. His credits include writing and producing for notable projects such as High School Musical, Hannah Montana, B5, The Disneymania Soundtrack and The Bratz Dolls just to name a few.

Music has always been an essential part of the Flourish Family Band. Chris Sr. started playing drums at the age of 7. His sweetheart and wife, Shannon, has played saxophone since elementary school. Of course all of their children had a natural gift and affinity for music, so the kids always found a way to entertain themselves and others with the instruments that were sitting around the house even before they could walk.
Having "jam sessions" was as commonplace as watching TV or playing board games together as a family. As the kids matured in their musical abilities, it seemed natural to perform for friends and family every chance they could get.

The family band's "crowd drawing" power was discovered when three members of the family band started "jamming out" on an open stage at the local mall. Hundreds of people young and old gathered instantly to see and experience what the family band thought to be perfectly natural.... a family just having fun and rocking out together. This was the defining moment for the family as a vision was instantly birthed to entertain youth and families through music. Shortly thereafter the family band came up with their band's official name..."Flourish". The choice of this name was carefully picked, as they all agreed (in one of their "family meetings") that their music needed to reflect their positive family values in order to encourage other families and individuals to "Flourish" in their lives. Dad and mom asked each of the kids if this was what THEY want to do, and without hesitation each child committed to the vision and the Flourish Family Band was officially launched!

Flourish then spent two years (as a family every Saturday) in an extensive acting program. This is where they learned the fine points of acting, camera performance, script memorization and professional etiquette in working with directors and producers. Each of the band members were hired to be in various local commercials and national print campaigns representing such notable brands as Eddie Bauer, Sketchers, New Balance and Franco Clothing. Music, acting and modeling became a family collaboration, with everyone's experience contributing to the overall success of the band's future performances.

The Flourish family band's sound has been heavily influenced by groups such as Good Charlotte, Switchfoot, Relient K, Bowling for Soup, The Ramones, Green Day, Skillet, Smash Mouth and Third Eye Blind.

Flourish stands out from the crowd simply because they are the first family band where the dad, mom and all of the kids play music together as a full-on rock band. You will be hard pressed to find a family band such as Flourish anywhere in the world that plays contemporary pop-rock music the way they do.

With a set list of 10 originals and eight cover songs, the Flourish Family Band is equipped with a musical arsenal to play medium and large high-energy fun-filled concerts for youth aged 8-17 and their families. Their show is focused on encouraging positive family fun through their zany antics on stage and family interactions that will playfully draw the crowd into their inspirational world of love, happiness, fun and musical adventure!

Andrew believes that Flourish has the potential to make a global impact in bringing family values to the forefront of the entertainment industry in order to use this powerful medium to strengthen the fabric of society through positive music, television and film that will provide a lasting impression.

His plan for the Flourish Family Band is to harness their raw energy and talent to create an international platform for Flourish to share their contagious positive energy around the globe, entertaining kids and adults alike. As an executive who is socially responsible, Andrew has a passion for making a positive impact on society. His goals for the band include Flourish engaging in world wide concert tours, television and film projects and supporting organizations that reach out to youth, families and their communities both in America and abroad.

The message of Flourish is summed up in their new single "Simple Things" which describes the need to enjoy life in the simple moments many people take for granted every day. Their belief is that happiness is not found at the end of a rainbow, but in the meanings we associate with the events that occur every moment of our lives.

As the mission of Flourish unfolds, their intent is to reach into the lives of individuals on a personal level, no matter what age, to help those willing to let down their guard, if only for a moment, to realize their full potential in order to flourish as their Creator has intended. Having fun and enjoying the journey is part of the flourishing process. That's why the band's invitation to the world is to "Flourish With Us" as they invite you to join them in a life full of love, fun, happiness, passion, creativity and adventure!

For more information, or to book the Flourish Family for your next event, please email info@flourishmusic.com.

Flourish Band Members:

Shmiddy Schmidt: Guitar, Vocals

Shannon Schmidt: Keyboard, Synth, percussion, Vocals

Stephanie Schmidt (Age 17): Guitar, Vocals

Jordan Schmidt (Age 15): Guitar, Vocals

Amanda Schmidt (Age 13): Bass, Vocals

CJ Schmidt, (Age 11): Drums

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