My final project for BDC 971 Independent Production class. What began as a pilot for an upcoming web series of me traveling across Canada exploring the music, arts, and culture scenes of 6 different cities, evolved into this: An ode to Toronto and The People who have made me fall in love with it.

I have never had such a challenging artistic journey or worked on a project that had such obvious obstacles that pushed my face to the ground and made me question my abilities. From losing my main source of funding to having my laptop and two hard drives stolen with only three weeks before this project was due, I came to a point of exploring what the story was that I really wanted to tell... and realized that is has and always will be first and foremost... about The People.

I am moved by the stories of the people I am surrounded by -- they have only pushed me to be a better Me.

Whether this project will be taken to a next level is up in the air... for now, I leave you with my greatest learnings from it: The price of over ambition is dealing with your own disappointment of your failed expectations. There is only so much planning you can do before real Life happens... and there comes a point where we must choose to accept what is and what will Be.

These last three months have humbled me greatly.
Thank you to everyone who was featured in this video, and I'd like to especially thank Zanana Pinas, Waseem Shaikh, Damian Dobrowski and Dennis Lieu for offering their talents to help me a week before this was screened to my class.

Hope you can appreciate this. Check it.

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