rough draft

I don't know what is worse,
to know that you exist,
like some kind of ghost
that lingers in your midst
or to never know
cuz ignorance was bliss
to never know your kiss

I don't know what it's worth
can I get an estimate?
this blessing's been reversed
I can't make sense of it
I can't undo this curse
this daydream I'd forfeit
to never know all this

I can see right through you
through your books and charts
through your absolutions
and the scars around your heart

you give me superstition
something to believe in
you leave me apparitions
you left so many reasons

I don't know where I'm going
but you always seem to be
like some kind of phantom
that only I can see
shambling my hallways
in the chambers of my heart
that's just where you are

the faces in the woodstain
pantomime their sighs
the shadows and the candles
wave their last goodbyes
I don't know if it's worth it
losing all this sleep
to keep you in my dreams
to keep you in my dreams
to keep you in my dreams

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