This is a music video for "Becoming You," the lead-off track and fourth single from Canasta's latest full-length, "The Fakeout, the Tease and the Breather." Filmed in Chicago at Kitchen Chicago and Foundation Content on 12/10/11.

Vocals / Bass: Matt Priest
Violin / Vocals / Tambourine: Elizabeth Lindau
Guitar / Vocals: Jeremy Beckford
Piano / Vocals: Ryan Tracy
Drums: Brian Palmieri
Keyboard / Vocals: Sarah Kneebone

Production: Deboka Films
Director: Eduardo Cintron
Producer: Tony Grossman
Director of Photography: Jay Patton
Assistant Director of Photography: Joseph Delhommer
PA: Russell Beaver
PA: Joel Pearish
Stylist Melissa Mazenett
Color Correction: Filmworkers Club
Colorist: Paul Galati
Studio: Foundation Content
Contact / Producer: Megan Guerrant

Man: Matt Priest
Mysterious Beings: Jeremy Beckford, Caryn Culp Anagnostopoulos, Jocelyn Geboy, Sarah Kneebone, Jenny Lee, Elizabeth Lindau, Elizabeth Malone, Karen Malone Gonzalez, Ryan Neuschafer, Brian Palmieri, Jen Priest, Chrissie Reddington, John Saunders and Ryan Tracy

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