One out of two mini documentaries we created for the new 2011 Philips Wake Up Light campaign. We went out to look for REAL people with serious morning issues: grumps, morning zombies, grunts...

Wernke is NOT a morning person. Every day her mum struggles to get her up. Can the Philips Wake-up Light help this sleepy teenager wake up for school?

We spend a couple of days (morning, particularly) with Wernke and her mother in her daily routine, then gave her the Wake-Up Light and recorded the results after she had been using the light for about a week.
CLIENT: Tribal DDB, Amsterdam
PRODUCTION: Revolver Media, Rotterdam
DIRECTOR: Stian Smestad @ Motion Blur
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Raymond van der Kaaij
AGENCY PRODUCER: Robert Roosenstein
EDITOR: Adam Marshall @ The Whitehouse, London
MUSIC: Antigangsters Music
COLORIST: George Balatoni @ Hectic Electric
SOUND DESIGN: Nick Smith @ Wave Studios Amsterdam
Special thanks to all crew, Whitehouse, Hectic Electric, & WAVE for your enthusiasm and ongoing energy for this project!

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