Having had traumatic experience like cardiac arrest and other health challenges, I have come to accept that the art of living is to die young . . . as late as possible! We often hear the lament that one can afford to die but one will be financially and emotionally debt ridden when sick, especially with extended debilitating diseases.

Though fitness does not constitute good health, I believe that movement will improve our health while sedentary lifestyle will lead us to pain and other griefs. Through my learning and experiences (some which almost killed me), apart from my genes and other factors, I know the quality of my life depends on:
1. How I breathe
2. What I eat
3. How I move and how often I move
4. What I think and how I think
5. My rest including sleep
6. How my body detox and regulate through respiration, perspiration, urination and bowel movement

More often than not, our wellness can be determined by our personal observation of our consumption, excretion and rest. Basically, if one can eat well, sleep well and shit well (pardon the expression), chances are, one is doing fine.

I am a certified smoking cessation counselor and a fitness instructor. In this video, we teach our clients how to grease their joints with 'mindful mobility' exercises. Though weight/fat loss, muscle building and cardio improvement are what most people go for, it is a shame that joint mobility is not so commonly taught.

Through our "MIndful Mobility Program" we teach bodyweight exercises and also use i-Bounce rebounders and clubbells to help our clients achieve their fitness goals. Each of us have our personal fitness goals and mine are simply:

1. Not to pant after climbing 20 flights of stairs.

2. To be faster than my 4-year grand daughter especially when crossing roads. Yes, I must be fast enough to pull her back to safety should she impulsively move into dangerous situations.

3. Being a fitness instructor, I must be fit and healthy enough to show and to go. To lead by example.

Hope the videos you see here will inspire you to lead an active and happy life!

Should you need more information on healthily fit "Mindful Mobility" Programs, feel free to visit reboundsingapore.com

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