let me preface this clip with the fact that this guy is a total douchebag. he has been nothing but rude to me since i showed up at misato elementary. he will ramble on about how much he hates america, americans, and women right in front of me, knowing good and well i can understand everything he says. he speaks slowly at me, and is very patronizing. he suggested that my time in japan would be a great oppurtunity to lose a couple pounds. he also steals food at lunch. which i had hoped to capture here, but, alas.

his offical job is a school counselor -- however, he whines if he ever has to work with any of the kids. the other counselor is a lovely woman-- who is always about 20 minutes late to lunch, because dude isn't in there helping her. by the time she gets to sit down to eat, seki-sensei here is totally finished his meal-- and her food is cold.

i decided i needed documentation of this dude for all the world to see. i stuck a piece of tape over the red light, and sat the camera on top of a pile of books on my desk. and ignored it. it wasn't until i got home and watched the tape that it became apparent that he knew i was doing it-- which explains why this was the most quite lunch hour ever.

i totally love every time he makes eye contact with the camera-- like "is it on? what is she doing?"

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