Nancy Mauro-Flude (2012)
Medium: 3x Live Code projections (dimensions variable) 15min loops, colour : audio

“ism | breath | she | who | with | I“ work represents the next wave of the ficto-critical approach in this code based séance.

Transcending the realm of the anecdotal, in the dark magic space of the shell, the artist divines classic texts, reconfigures it into lists, a literary pirate she reveals its treasure. Using command tools (cat, sed, grep, regex) from GNU/Linux community, in this particular work the artist parses through the essay 'A Room of One's Own' by Virginia Woolf, the semiotic analysis transfigures the work into its essence. Woolf’s essay, a cogent masterpiece, sharply references the writer's experience and the place of women characters in the University, in fiction and in society per se.

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