This film was made as a commission in collaboration with MA sound design student Adam Hart. The brief was the produce a semi-abstract film for original musical accompaniment with thematic ideas binding music and image.

I also felt that the ambiguous nature of my abstract painting would be very interesting to compose sound to and, perhaps, project suggestions of meaning onto. To lend these ideas clarity I felt it necessary to give the film a strong overall shape, and for there to be a distinct sense of visual development across the piece. I also felt it important that the content remain open to interpretation whilst avoiding seeming ‘random’ or entirely self-referential.

The piece has fed out my interest in the act of creating; the nature of shapes, in and of themselves, form, and mark-making. I have expanded further on these ideas for this particular project, with more of an explicit emphasis on the birth of creation, of the universe and matter itself, strong thematic ideas which, though abstract, I felt would be suitably expansive and mysterious. Choosing the title was an important element in this regard, as was splitting the film into three distinct movements, allowing separate ideas to be explored while avoiding a visual overload.

Music: Adam Hart
Film: Sarah Hill

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