In this amazing animation, it will introduce five popular Chinese Internet memes.
1. 给力 [ gěi lì ] (gay lee) Synonyms:“cool”,“awesome”,“exciting”
2. 蛋疼 [ dàn téng ] (dan tone) Synonyms:“bored”,“shocking”, "unexpected"
3. 囧 [ jǐong ] (gee uh ong) Synonyms:“Are you serious?”, “Really?”,“disappointment”, “misunderstanding”
4. 蛋定 [ dàn dìng ] (dan din) Synonyms:“no worries”,“calm down”, “chillax”
5. 坑爹 [ kēng diē ] (ken dee-a) Synonyms:“swindle”, "fast one", "trick", "to deceive"

Enjoy this video
Welcome to China!

For major studio2 in Parsons
Animator: Musen Lin
Vocal: Lola Ye

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