This is a performance created by Brad Dunn, Heather Zions, and Jessica Marshall, that incorporates live programming with dance. Based on feedback from projections, the dancers must change the quality of their dance. Each square on the projection screen represents a quality of dance: speed, usage of space, usage of levels, and emotion. Each colour that appears in the squares indicates a specific variation of that quality. Based on the colours that appear on the screen, the dancers must take that knowledge and implement into their dance styles. The colours are being live coded by programmers using Processing.

Videographer: Kristi Boulton
Video Editor: Brad Dunn

MM2M03 Creative Project 3
Dr. Ogborn
By: Bradley Dunn, Heather Zions, and Jessica Marshall
McMaster University Multimedia Program
Music: Tunglið by Olafur Arnolds
Choreographers/Dancers: Brad Dunn and Justine Melowsky
Special Thanks to Heather Tureski and Trevor de Groot

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