We link the entrepreneurs and investors/mentors online to raise fund in exchange of company shares, allow information flow to help ventures succeed, and trade the shares bought as in secondary market.

- Revolutionizing the way promising new ideas are discovered, funded, developed and traded.

Our company envisions creating a global, interactive investment platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and opportunistic venture capitalists by connecting the two parties using FlipVenture’s proprietary website. We also desire to facilitate economic growth by supporting new business ventures throughout the world that will result in innovation, job creation and increased production

The main purpose of our site is to link globally these two parties, entrepreneurs with potential investors. This will be beneficial to both groups. Our site will allow entrepreneurs to present and share their business ideas (via written format and 3 to 5 minute short video presentation for easy understanding) to potential investors. Here, the investors will be able to purchase ownership stakes without facing any minimum capital investments. They will be able to buy positions in ventures and enjoy financial rewards when profits are generated, or when a venture completes an IPO or sells the shares to other investors.

Entrepreneurs can create a public/private group or interactive social media page within the site to share and seek related knowledge or information, demonstrate the venture’s progress and interact with current and potential investors, experienced mentors and followers.

Investors can trade the shares that they purchased and sell them to other investors using our market trading platform.

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