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Una chiacchierata sulla mia tecnica di "immersione" in una storia con foto, video e audio.

Si inaugura, così, una serie di mini tutorials a cura dei fotografi di Shoot 4 Change - S4C
I'm often asked what is that triple-decker I hold around when I shoot. It's big, it's heavy and it looks like is out of a Transformer episode.

Well, it actually is! It's a camera (a Nikon D700) with a P7000 mounted on top (on the flash hot shoe) for the video recording. Add to it an external mic and that's it! You got a perfect tool to shoot photos and videos at the same time.


Because sometimes a photo is not enough and you feel like giving your readers the full story: to let them see what you saw, not only with a shot but with video and audio as well.

What I do often, is inclining the videocamera a little bit toward the photo camera. A small portion of the lens will fall in the scene and that's made on purpose. I like showing a real backstage experience.

Sometimes (often, I'd say) "thinking -- and shooting -- different" give unpredictable and interesting results.

So, here's the "Transformer", what do you think?

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