The new 63"/160cm Zolinger ZL1600 Track Slider with a carrying size of only 34"/85cm.

- Compact & lightweight (tracks can be disassembled for a carrying size of only 85cm/34")

- Fast & simple installation

- Versatile & highly compatible design (carries professional fluid heads or ball heads)

- High grade materials & precision engineering (high load capacity for professional applications)

The new ZL series Track slider features a full magnesium alloy (160cm/63") track system.

The ZL Dolly runs on 8 quality bearings, producing smooth and silent tracking shots, both on the ZL Tracks and any smooth surface.

A total of six joints allow for a variety of shooting angles, i.e. low mode or tilted shots.

The ZL Dolly features a 75mm or 100mm bowl for most fluid heads. The standard package also contains a flat base and adapter screw for most ball heads.

The Dolly and 160cm tracks can support cameras up to 9kg/20lb (some bowing of the tracks may occur at full load capacity, the ideal camcorder weight is around 5kg).

The system has a total weight of only 3,5kg (8lb).


- delivers smooth and silent shots

- extendable and detachable tracks

- Compact & Lightweight Design

- 160cm track – 85cm carrying size

- weighs 3,5kg – 9kg max. load capacity

- Fast & tool-free installation

- Dolly can be used as table Dolly

- runs on 8 precise bearings

- tracks can stand alone or on tripods

- Supports 75mm/100mm fluid heads

- includes flat base for ball heads

- Includes padded bag

For more information on this product and other Zolinger gear, please visit our website at

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