54 garage sales, one town, 12 photographers.

This video is the story of the annual town-wide garage sale in the Central Victorian town of Maldon.

12 photographers from Maldon, Castlemaine, Baringhump and Bendigo came to an ABC Open timelapse workshop at 10 o'clock on the Saturday morning of the garage sale with their cameras and tripods.

They returned at 11 o'clock with sore pointer fingers (we did manual time lapse) but terrific timelapse photos from different garage sales.

Read more about the workshop and get timelapse tips and examples at open.abc.net.au/posts/town-wide-garage-sale-timelapse-16se8zy?WT.svl=open0

Congratulations to the photographers: Cathy and Bill McCallum, Peter and Julie Endress, David and Matthew Elliot, April and Melody Ayres-Griffiths, Barb Guerin, John Ellis, Richard Lee, Debbie Walkden and Pam Collins.

Thanks to Geoff Anderson for filming the workshop and to John Jacobs for recording the audio.

Some photos and production by Jane Curtis, ABC Open Central Victoria

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