Howard Rheingold - Social Media and Peer Learning: From Mediated Pedagogy to Peeragogy

Discover how giving students more responsibility in shaping their own curriculum can lead to more active participation.

*About This Speaker*
Howard Rheingold is the author of:
Tools for Thought
The Virtual Community
Smart Mobs
Net Smart

He currently teaches at Stanford University, Communication Department.

*Questions Asked*
- What connections [do] you see to the experiments that Howard has been describing for us and some of the work that you're engaged in? (23:59)
- To what extent, Howard, do you see people finding and locating and bringing in knowledge and to what extent are they creating and developing new knowledge? (24:19)
- How do all of these different texts and conversations and issues and debates we're having--how do they connect, what do they mean? (28:33)
- [Regarding] these principles that Howard's describing for what he calls "motivated self-learners," what are the opportunities and challenges for trying to do it in the K-12 context? (30:05)
- How can we help teachers shift from controlling the flow of learning to becoming an "esteemed co-learner"? (30:28)
- What does it take to move from that transformative experience to actual shifts in practice? (34:57)
- Howard, can you talk a little about the influence of Illich's "Deschooling Society" on your thinking? (37:35)
- Are students just curating/posting old knowledge or reconstructing/remixing old knowledge/new ideas to create a "new" form of thinking? (39:56)
- The communities that you are essentially convening, will they be able to hold different truths that really go in different directions? Is that a worthy goal, or is that really a freaky, scary outcome? (48:20)

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