A young man's struggle through the patterns of his behavior, women, and religion. I show a theme and the character's response to it. The themes and responses will be LOVE/COMPROMISE, HOPE/CRUSHED, FAILURE/REPETITIVE, & PASSION/BOREDOM. I alternate four characters, two of which will represent the same person.

The style I use is montage, mixing video with still photography. The tone-descriptive words I use to guide my style choices are "dream, prayer, & movement." 'Dream' will show up as distorted stills, matter-of-fact discontinuity between locations and characters, out of sync audio, etc.. 'Prayer' comes from a Godard quote: "make a camera movement as if you were in prayer" (film, theory, & philosophy) and the religious aspect of the content. 'Movement' is what will drive shot decisions along.

Includes new and old footage. The shooting takes place in Pittsburgh and State College, PA.


track: "Angel' by Massive Attack (Mezzanine Version)

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