Coming soon: The groundbreaking new documentary about British, black, female role models in the UK.

Impacting, inspiring and moving. This documentary follows British double award-winning TV presenter and mentor Leah Charles-King, to highlight black female role models within the UK and discover their challenges in trying to be a voice and inspiration for others.

In recent months, especially since the UK riots in August 2011, there have been calls for more role models to come forward for our fallen youth in Great Britain. Many of whom need people from all industries who can become a positive influence in their lives.

There are also reports within the media about a lack of role models available. Yet many active role models - especially women, do not seem to be given any public awareness by the same media who claim there is a lack of them.

Produced by Leah Charles-King and directed by Anthony David King, this documentary will feature current and former female gang-members. Revealing the real issues they encounter on a daily basis. And ask if they believe a role model would be beneficial to helping them understand their worth and potential within society and among their peers.

It will feature schoolteachers, businesswomen and mothers. To find out if they share the same frustrations, If they even notice these issues, if they care about them or if they have come to accept them.

There will also be a few well-known faces too. Those in the public eye who many may consider to be successful.

However, how do they fulfil their positions as role models within society? What did it take for them to get there? And at what price?

Producer: Leah Charles-King
Director: Anthony David King

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