**PLAY FULL SCREEN & LOUD** Running time: 5:46
Part of "THE ABC's OF DEATH" from Magnolia/Magnet. All Rights Reserved.
Produced, Written & Directed by Marcel Sarmiento

Adam Simpson-Marshall
310-786-9210 - Office
310-927-1571 – Cell

Christopher Ridenhour


Some press from the premiere at the Toronto Film Festival and Fantastic Fest:

“D is Dogfight, from Deadgirl director Marcel Sarmiento. Brutal, slathering, foam-flecked fury in a backwoods no-incisors-barred grudge match between man and canine. Sarmiento's film is a gorgeous piece of ultraviolence that sports some of the best cinematography of the entire Festival, never mind this particular anthology.”
- Austin chronicle

"The concept behind ABCs is brilliant... some of the shorts warranted a perfect score. There’s plenty here worth seeing (especially) the film’s best shorts – directed by Marcel Sarmiento."

“THE ABCs OF DEATH might just be the horror anthology I've been patiently waiting for. My favorite, D Is For Dogfight, ends up being heartwarming despite its dirty, gritty setting in an underground death match.”
– aintitcool.com

“Segments such as O, or D is for Dogfight are extraordinary in their own right. They're beautifully shot and crafted segments, far exceeding their humble budgetary restrictions.”
– twitchfilm.com

"Probably the best of the whole film, D FOR DOG FIGHT- is stunning, and got a hearty round of applause from the audience."

"D - Probably the general safe-bet for audience favourite. Sets the bar high for the rest of the film with amazing "how'd-they-do-that" direction."
- Letterboxd.com

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