FEB 21, 2009, when there was a line around the block to see KAWS show, across the street was another art opening of at least equal importance. Like damn near every talented person walking around, Bill is an old friend of Dante "the king of all conduits" Ross, and his stuff is smart, topical and incredibly well executed. Check it out, Sauerkraut. To learn more about Dollar Bill McMullen go to billmcmullen.com (and realize you've seen a lot of his stuff already but didn't know the name behind the goods.) oh yeah, and later in the night John C. Reilly showed up, no entourage, with just his wife. And he was pretty drunk. John C., solid.

Filmed by Monihan Monihan
Edited by Monihan Monihan
Scored By The Emancipation Proclamation! (Monihan and Phofo, with help by The Clash, Roy Ayers, ATCQ, and Eddy Grant)
a Bricolagista! Production © MMIX

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