The ride up to the Pedernales River was a good 40 minutes outside Austin, but it was a beautiful drive through the Texas hill country. We landed at the river and hiked another ten minutes up river to get away from the tourists swimming. We found an opening in the river enclosed by trees and decided to start here. Christy jumped in first, the rocks were slimy and often dislodged under your weight but it was the perfect place to listen. I quickly learned Christy's music is the type of music that even when you could be listening to her sing, in a tiny bar in the middle of the city in Austin Texas, you can close your eyes and swear you're knee deep in the Pedernales River letting the water rush by and the music wash over. It has a power to it that not many can cultivate. As she slung her guitar over her shoulder and started playing her song "Quiet Kind" she told me she doesn't often write song about herself but this song was indeed. Sometimes I have to disagree, I am almost certain her words are pertaining to my life, but then I remind myself the power of great songwriting and remember I'm most likely not alone in that feeling.

She played and I listened, the frogs chimed in in the background, the river continued to pour around us while the sun beamed down and her words echoed off the trees. I couldn't help but think this is exactly the place and exactly the time. However it all went too quickly, the sun was setting and we hiked back to the car. On the way back we stopped at a gas station to get some burgers, they were closed, so we kept driving.

Be on the lookout for Christy Hays' upcoming full length LP "Drought" due out this summer! In the meantime check out more Christy here:

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Shot on a Canon 60D in the Pedernales River somewhere in Central Texas. Graded in Final Cut Pro.

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