Jonathan Sontag


Jonathan Sontag

Rachel Krauss

Chris King


Julee Green - Ashley Kildunne

Cain - Gary Nohealli

News Reporter - Shaun Carroll

Skateboard Kid - Milo Kimball

Cain’s Friend - Brent Nunn

Receptionist - Elisha Barnett

House Zombie - Angela Noriega

House Zombie - Evie Madrid

Street Zombie - Charlee Shroyer

Street Zombie - Harvey Kimball

Stone Cold Steve Austin - Jeff Sholer

Julee’s Baby - Clara Cohen

Blurry Doctor - Drew Carlascio

Street Zombie - Paul Kimball

Street Zombie - Laura Kimball

Street Zombie - Frieda Kimball

Street Zombie - Milo Kimball

Street Zombie Victim - Rachel Krauss


Assistant Producer - Alex Potter

Assistant Editor, Sound Design - Anders Brønnum

Producer, VFX Director, Camera, Editor - Jonathan Sontag

Director of Photography - Matt Baca

Makeup Artist - Melissa Andrade

Assistant Director, Art Direction - Rachel Krauss

Production Artist - Steven Sczepanik


“Buried” - Young Science

“I Have a Friend” - Jonny Manak and The Depressives

“Summer Dreamzzz” - Palmz

“Please Do” - Sloe

“You Bring Me Down” - Jonny Manak and The Depressives

“When You Leave” - Jonathan Sontag

“Southern Zombie” - Andrew Stanton and Samuel Allen Curtis

“Dry Me Up” - The Record Winter

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