What is so irritating about YouTube is that any video with visual or audible content which is remotely related to Fox or to its numerous tentacles gets immediately blocked worldwide and the uploading account gets penalised as well. Even if the video in question is intended in good faith to discuss and promote a film that is not produced by Fox but is just distributed by them, the result is always the same.

YouTube used to be a forum to freely share ideas and discuss all forms of art, before Google took it over and enforced their cowardly policies on millions of faithful users, without whom the channel would not have been as successful and profitable as it is today. Rightwing and conservative ideologies of a handful of media moguls like Fox have now dragged this once loved online broadcaster back to the middle ages, and as a result, being a YouTube user has become just like walking a tightrope in a hurricane.

The Internet was intended to be a medium for freedom and for unabated expression by its founding fathers, but today, it has become just another draconian police state.

Fox is owned and controlled by the rightwing megalomaniac, Murdoch’s evil empire that is News Corporation, which is still spreading across the world like a plague, infecting and paralysing democracies with its filthy, gutter press and its inferior and biased news channels like Fox News. A corporation that has been lucidly proven not to abide by the basic decency and integrity expected from a newscaster, it continues to adulterate the minds of the least intelligent of the population by selling its junk at uncompetitive prices, holding the decent press in a stranglehold. In addition, Murdoch’s evil empire influenced the outcome of successive general elections for the last 30 years in Britain, thereby holding elected governments to ransom and influencing their policies through the backdoor.

It is we, the penny-pinching public, who should be ashamed about the rise of this evil empire by subscribing to such filth. If anyone with an ounce of rationality is watching this video, please stop reading Murdoch’s gutter press and boycott the corporation’s channels, before it is too late to stop this menace.

Here are our heroes of political satire, Charlie Brooker, Jimmy Carr, Lauren Laverne and David Mitchell to discuss much less seriously a bit more about News Corporation and its evils.

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‘Magey Dheyshaya’ [My Nation]
Written by: Sunil Ariyarathna
Composed by: Rohana Weerasinghe
Performed by: Nanda Malini
From the album: ‘Sathyayey Geethaya’ [The Song of Truth]
© SingLanka | 1981

Video Excerpts:
10 o’ Clock Live | © Channel 4 | 2012

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