ETERNAL THOU is an existential sci-fi drama that fuses performance and media to explore the relationship between the ever-evolving telecommunication industry, its gadgetry, and the public it attempts to serve.

Performances of ETERNAL THOU begin April 6, 2012. Admission ranges from $17-25. Tickets are available through

The Atwater Village Theatre is located at 3269 Casitas Avenue, Atwater Village, CA 90039. For more information visit


Written from the perspective of sentient technology and set in a mysterious telecommunication chamber, the five central characters of the play dive in and out of the unwieldy signals of The Internet trying to reprogram its central code and thereby protect it from outside forces that threaten its survival. Will their ongoing tampering with this vital communication system create a “butterfly effect” that brings humanity closer together or will they ultimately redefine the very nature of human existence?

This non-linear, fast-paced work takes place somewhere between the real and the virtual, in a metaphysical space where, as the play predicts, life will someday be experienced. From issues of Internet freedom to the existentialistic views of human existence as explored by the mystic Martin Buber, The Internet, presented as the central character of the play, is on a search for enlightenment that parallels our own.

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