Grades of another Blackmagic Cinema Camera screen grab.

Originally shot by John Brawley. Downloaded from

The grade called 'balanced' is the one to compare with John Brawley's own Resolve grade. I used scopes in Color Finesse (in After Effects) to balance the shot and clamped the highlights very slightly (to dampen down that window highlight in between the model's palm and face).

Overall my 'balanced' grade is cooler in temperature than John Brawleys. More my taste, not that keen on very warm or super saturated grades, I blame British weather. Probably went a bit too cool with it perhaps but not had a chance to check it on different monitors yet.

There are various other grades, some including 35mm grain. Don't have time to explain all of those.

One thing would like to try if I had more time would be to use secondaries to bring out the colours in her hair grips/rolls and eye makeup thing (no idea what it's called sorry).

Regarding the image quality. I like it a lot. Lots of grading options and you can push it a long way. I noticed some stuck pixels when grading it (you can see them in some black areas) but apparently this is just a pre-production issue.

Main issue for me is there's fairly unpleasant red/green noise in the blacks. Quite noticeable when the blacks are lifted, quite apparent in the tone remapped version for instance.

Might be a pre-production issue again and whatever it would clean up easily in Neat Video or Denoiser etc (not ideal though obviously).

Also note this wasn't graded on a proper calibrated broadcast monitor (can't justify buying one unfortunately as colour grading is only something we do on our own web video work). Used a standard 23in Samsung monitor and Color Finesse scopes.

Graded by Ed Lawes for 144 Picture, Sound & Music
Music by Ed Lawes (flute) and Mike McInerney (shakuhachi)
Engineered by Zlatko Barackscai at Birmingham University UK.

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