Optimize your detox with a simple and powerful detox yoga program: watch and self practice this detox yoga flow regularly for immediate results 

The process of detoxification is best supported through the implementation of a comprehensive exercise program that helps remove toxins from the body, stimulate bowel movement and maximizes organ function and body oxygenation. Qi gong and yoga is especIally well suited to aiding the detoxification process as they do not only promote healthy bodily movement but they optimize organ detox and functioning and maximize oxygenation and waste removal in the body during the critical time of detox.

Following is a great detox yoga sequence for use during a detoxification program.   This specific sequence was designed for optimum detoxification of both body and mind. It uses superior postures, breathing, visualization and energetic techniques that are known to support the detoxification process. This is a great video for yoga students of all levels. The clarity of both visual and verbal instructions make it well suited to beginners too, who may need the visual cues to practice a new discipline. This video can be used to support any of the detox programs offered at The Detox Co. and forms part of the daily exercise routine you would follow throughout your detox if you selected yoga as your wellness program.  Private Detox yoga programs are available as part of the wellness programs offered by The Detox Co.
For more information on our detox programs, which includes virtual, group, and private detox packages, please visit thedetoxco.com or facebook.com/thedetoxco, or email us at Alessa@americandetoxinstitute.com.

Watch the Detox Yoga sequence for optimum health and wellbeing designed and demonstrated by Alessandrina Lerner, founder at The Detox Co.

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