Seeking Kali is three artists: William Evertson (USA), Ria Vanden Eynde (Belgium), and Susan Shulman (Canada), who in 2010 explored connecting their individual creative processes through social media platforms to create bodies of work involving traditional and non-traditional art forms.

These social media platforms quickly became virtual studio spaces that the three artists used to invite other artists to come into and collaborate. As hip and revolutionary as Andy Warhol’s studio 54, their studio blogs have attracted artists from around the globe, housing such projects as "Seeking Kali" and "The Medusa Gaze" as well as generating and linking live art exhibits in dozens of cities around the world.

Like all artists, our Seeking Kali collective shares the frustrations of endless rounds of grant applications, presentations to galleries, promotion and still having the energy to produce art. There has to be more to it than luck, persistence and talent. We've put our heads together and come to some rather startling conclusions.
In our Kalicorp Art Mysteries we share what we've learned about the treacherous place known as Art World. we have used these elements we created from our zines for the on going billboard projects for 2012.

We like to promote original music, and musicians in our videos that are extension of all our elements. We believe in the collective spirit.
Music and lyrics: Busy Kingdom from Australia.

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