Performance by Sabina Simon and Luiz Simoes for the event UNTERGANGART – Updating the Downfall

Kunsthalle Halle G - Museumsquartier, Vienna
March 30th 2012

“A performative laboratory as discourse space in the constantly recurring downfall and reconstruction game. An artistic suggestion against the perhaps greatest danger – that in the end everything remains unchanged.”

Still flowing through the Universe, the electromagnetic wave of 160.2 GHz called Cosmic Background Radiation is supposed to be the echo of the Very Beginning.
We normally associate the idea of echo as post-something, but hardly conceive it as cause-of, as cause of a new drama that will evoke a new reverberation, producing, maybe, another drama and so on infinitely.
An expanding Universe on its way to collapse, is part of an "evolutionary freedom" that perhaps only in the Downfall finds a way to reborn.

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