Metroid II: Return of Samus
Remastered from 8 bit original to expanded range 16bit 48Khz. in short.. Sounds better.
Download Link:

Wiki Quote:
'Metroid II: Return of Samus (メトロイドII RETURN OF SAMUS Metoroido Tsū Ritān Obu Samusu?) is an action-adventure video game, the second game in the Metroid series, and the only one developed for the Nintendo Game Boy. The sixth installment in the overall series story, the game was developed by Nintendo Research & Development 1 (Nintendo R&D1), and published by Nintendo in North America in November 1991, in Japan in January 1992, and in Europe in May 1992. In Metroid II, the developers added round metal shoulders on Samus's Varia Suit to differentiate it from her Power Suit, since both looked similar on the Game Boy's limited greyscale display. The updated suit has since been a staple of the series, appearing in all subsequent games.'

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